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Jim Riley has spent his entire life saying yes to career changes and unique personal opportunities. Just ask him where he is headed next and you might be surprised at the answer. Jim is currently the host of the successful podcast “The Answer is Yes” on top of acting as a business growth consultant for several successful companies, life coaching, and overseeing 2 of his own businesses.

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“Jim Riley has spent his entire life saying yes to career changes and unique personal opportunities… Just ask him where he is headed next and you might be surprised at the answer.”

- David Meltzer

Entrepreneur, CEO and Founder, Sports 1 Marketing

“Jim Riley is the real deal, a master at seeing life’s challenges for what they are, nothing more than lessons. He has taught me to see things with an open mind, separate emotions from business and focus on what is most important family, good friends, and healthy relationships. The high road is Jim’s gift even though it may not feel like the high road at the time take it anyway; the gift waits for you on the other side.”

- Fred Castro

Vice President Global Accounts

“Jim Riley is the consummate professional with exceptional leadership qualities.  He cares deeply for his clients and enjoys building long term sustainable partnerships that create meaningful value.  Most important, Jim Riley has high moral standards with unquestionable ethics and integrity.”

- Richard Gillis

President The Tinley Beverage Company

“With over 40 years of experience in an industry i have learned it is more important to understand how much you don’t know versus how much you know. Jim has been instrumental in opening up dialog and exposing opportunities for our company which has helped increase our sales as well as social media. “

- Richard Hiraga

President / Founder GQ-6 Nutrition, Inc.



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Jim Riley has had the opportunity to work as a business growth consultant and build some of the most successful brands in the world. Along the way he has learned to say “Yes” to opportunities that have come his way. Because of his willingness to say “Yes” he has enjoyed success, adventure, love, and the art of giving. It is Jim’s desire to help you understand how easy it is to say YES to opportunities that come your way and learn through real-life examples explained by his guests on the show. Say YES to this Podcast and follow along as Jim interviews people that were not afraid to say YES to opportunities in business and everyday life.


In 2008 Jim summited
Half Dome, Mount
Whitney, and Mount


In 2011 Riley started one of the fastest growing classes to date – Spec Trophy Truck. With several wins under his belt he continues to push hard in the class. He currently sits in the Top Ten amongst over 45 competitors.




In 2010 Jim took home 1st in Trophylite in the BITD Vegas to Reno race, which he quickly followed up with 1st place in Class 7-2 at the Baja 1000 — the first time in Baja history that a Trophylite Truck won in Class 7-2. He went on to place at the 2010 Henderson 250 and SNORE Midnight Special. His success continued into other classes.


In 2018 Jim became a competitive Spartan racer in AG 50+ in which he ranked #1 in the world for the first quarter of 2018, took 2nd place in the AG Lake Tahoe Ultra Championships 2018, and 3rd place in the AG Ultra World Championships Iceland 2018, with over 20 career podium finishes, and 6 first place wins.


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