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8 Secrets to Staying Organized At Work

You sit down at your desk, coffee in hand, energized and ready for a great day at work. But wait—where are your files? What were you supposed to do today?

When it comes to work, getting motivated is only half the battle. Staying organized at work is what you need in order to really get into a good flow. Once you read through this quick guide, you’ll have what it takes to be more organized than ever.

1. Transfer Paper Notes Online

Got a mix of online documents and notes you’ve scribbled during a work call? Trust us, those scribbles are going to be a lot harder to understand a week from now.

Get into the habit of transferring your paper notes online the same day you make them. This way, you’ll keep a clear record of your thoughts. And if you ever need to send those notes to someone, all it takes is a quick copy and paste.

2. Get Those Early Morning Hours

If your work organization feels overwhelming to you, it might help to start in the early morning. Map out a plan for your whole day during those peaceful morning hours.

For many people, planning in the morning helps because this time is less burdened by thoughts of ongoing work.

3. Make (Physical) Space for Your Thoughts

When you’re trying to organize your ideas, cleaning up your physical space might seem like an unrelated task. But you’d be surprised at what a difference a clean desk makes.

Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself. A tidier workspace might be just the thing to get you thinking clearly.

4. Make a Spreadsheet of Your Progress

If you’re thinking, “Hey, isn’t making a spreadsheet just adding more work to my day?” you’re not wrong. But you might be missing out on an important secret to help you become more organized than ever.

For example, a spreadsheet can calculate things for you and auto-update numbers depending on the day. This way, you can budget time for things and see how many days you are away from a deadline.

5. Log Off at the End of the Day

One of the best secrets to better work is making sure you can step away when you need to. Keeping work life separate from home life will help you focus more when you clock in for the day.

6. Give Yourself a Break from Meetings

Meetings make the world go ’round, but they aren’t everything. In fact, prepping for meetings all the time can seriously mess with your daily workflow.

If you can, give yourself at least one big chunk of time a week with no meetings. During this time, try and concentrate on your trickiest tasks—with no interruptions, of course.

7. Staying Organized at Work is Collaborative

A major part of staying organized is maintaining good communication. Set regular check-ins and give co-workers access to your work so you can make sure you’re on the right track.

8. Be Smart About Shared Files

If you’ve ever sent a file to someone so they could edit it and send it back, you might know the pain of duplicate files. Or rather, files that are almost duplicates. Who has the time to figure out whether Important-File-v2.doc or Important-File-v3.doc is the one you need?

A better option might be to use a method that updates online, like Google Docs or Dropbox. This way, you’ll only have one active file at any time.

Go Get Organized!

Staying organized at work doesn’t have to be complicated. With these handy tips, you’ll be acing your tasks in no time. And with all the time and brain energy you save, you can relax and get ready for another great day.

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