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8 Expert Tips on How to Organize Your Life in 2021

Do you feel overwhelmed by your personal life and your career? Is it hard to keep track of everything in your life?

Staying organized is the only way you can get through the day in one piece. 

If you want to organize your life today, follow these 8 expert tips.

1. Make a List of Your Goals

This is an obvious first step that a lot of people miss. 

Writing your goals can surely declutter your brain and increase productivity.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer typing over handwriting–just make a list of what you need to accomplish. Seeing your goals in writing will help you figure out what you need to tackle first.

2. Set Time Restrictions and Deadlines

Paying heed to time is the only way to start organizing your life. In our 24 hour day, there’s so much to be done. You could end up wasting weeks at a time without having accomplished a single thing, and also not feeling relaxed. 

Whether it’s going grocery shopping or finishing a thesis, set a deadline. Put these in your phone or your journal as a reminder.

3. Get Rid of Clutter

If your physical space is a mess, there is no way you’ll feel like your life is organized.

The excess cups and the piles of old letters you’ve accumulated over the years have to go. You’ll also have to deal with the clothes you left all over the floor. 

A deep clean can be saved for another day.

If you want to get on your feet as soon as possible, go through your desk first. Get rid of things you don’t really need. If you have a sentimental attachment to your old best friend’s letter, put it in a memory box with all of the other stuff you don’t need on a daily basis.

4. Clean Your Digital Space

Check your phone and computer right now. How many random photos and files do you have in your downloads folder? How many spam emails do you receive? Delete them all!

A recent study showed that the average person in the U.S. spends around 3.5 hours a day on their phone. That means that if your phone is full of junk, your mind will also be. 

Make sure you take a good look at your phone’s home screen and delete the apps you haven’t used in a couple of months. 

5. Set Mini Checkpoints for Larger Goals

It’s easy to write a goal and set a deadline for that goal. It’s harder to work towards it and actually succeed.

Have a large project to turn in? Set yourself a checkpoint within two days to finish one section.

Working in small increments is the best way to organize your life.

6. Separate Work from Personal Life

Mixing up your personal life with your work life gives you a social and mental strain.

When you’re planning your day, designate hours to work on your business or project, and the rest to your personal life.

7. Establish a Daily Routine

A good routine is a staple for organizing your life. 

Like a ritual, a good daily morning routine can rejuvenate you and clear your brain fog. 

Winding down with a night routine also boosts your productivity during the day. 

8. Reflect on Your Day

Lastly, reflect on your day.

Have you checked off your to-do list? Do you have something you need to work on tomorrow? Write that down. 

Make sure you clear your brain before you head to bed to have a clean slate the next morning. 

Organize Your Life Today

Follow these steps to organize your life, and you can dramatically improve your career and your personal life.

Start jotting down your goals and see results today!

If you want more help with organizing your life, check out our life coaching and consulting services!

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