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5 Proven Ways to Improve Your Leadership Skills (and Why It’s Important!)

When you’re trying to build the best team, you need to build strong leadership skills first. As a leader, you want to manage your team and empower them at the same time. This means that you’ll need to be a lifelong learner and set goals.

Keep reading to learn 5 proven ways to improve your leadership skills!

1. Communicate Clearly

When it comes to essential leadership skills, communication is a big one. Whether you’re delivering an address or typing an email, you need to choose crisp words that provide direction. Use bullet points, give deadlines, and emphasize the most pressing items.

Be sure to offer encouragement when your team members perform well. If you’re not sure where to make changes in your leadership style, an outside perspective can help. Reaching out to a skilled consultant can help you pinpoint areas of strength and weakness. 

2. Stay On Schedule

Your team members will respect your leadership skills if you run a tight ship. In other words, map out a schedule — and stick with it. Create an online calendar for your employees to make this process easier and more transparent.

Set goals for the upcoming week and incentivize achieving them. Look toward the long-term future, too, with your schedule. Clarify the goals you envision achieving a few months or years down the road.

3. Leadership Skills Include Being a Good Listener

Are you taking the time to listen to your employees? To be a better leader, aim to be a better listener. You can build trust and camaraderie when you lend a listening ear.

When you lead a meeting, designate time for people to ask questions. Be receptive to critiques, and follow up on suggestions. When you give your team members a voice, they’ll respect you more.

4. Delegate Tasks

A good way to develop leadership skills is to know when you can hand responsibilities to another person. Don’t try to take on everything yourself. And don’t try to micromanage your employees.

Instead, make a list of clerical tasks or initiatives that you don’t want on your plate. You might need someone to develop an email template, for instance. Or you could need someone to lead a brainstorming session.

Then make a list of team members with the skill sets to handle these tasks. You’ll empower your team members when you give them new responsibilities!

5. Don’t Stop Learning

As a leader, you need to make learning an ongoing process. Take online courses as part of your professional development. Invest in a consultant or other successful member of your field. 

Listen to a podcast for insights into how to approach your daily responsibilities. Find small ways you can begin to integrate suggestions into your workplace. This could include doing one-on-one meetings with staff members or hosting a workplace retreat.

Build Leadership Skills

When you value the importance of leadership skills, you set yourself up to thrive. Your team members will look to you for guidance and trust your vision. They’ll also have a clear sense of what they need to achieve.

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