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3 of The Best Motivational Speakers of 2020

During any challenging time in our lives, we look to others to help us get things together. It’s always beneficial to find someone who can motivate you to get your life back on track. 

One great avenue comes in the form of motivational speakers. They are a fantastic way to help you find hope in the darkest times. Through their speeches, they can motivate you to meet your goals  — whatever they might be!

As the difficult year of 2020 comes to a close, here are some of the best motivational speakers you should listen to:

1. Robert Kiyosaki

If there’s one type of speaker you need during times of economic uncertainty, it’s Robert Kiyosaki. He’s famed for his book Rich Dad, Poor Dad as well as his radio show where he gives valuable financial advice.

The great thing about Robert is that through giving financial advice, he helps you feel empowered. It’s not simply “invest in this” with him. He wants you to feel powerful and in control of your future.

No one is more apt than helping you motivate yourself to invest wisely than Robert Kiyosaki.

2. Arnold Schwarzenegger

You might not think of him as a motivational speaker, especially since he has been involved in so many other ventures. But it’s this Renaissance Man success that makes Arnold Schwarzenegger worth listening to.

He has given several speeches that rival that of any great motivational speaker. But even listening to his interviews are enough to help you motivate yourself.

Whether it’s on improving your health through bodybuilding, advice for business, or admiring his ambition you’ll find something valuable from listening to him speak.

Without a doubt, Arnold is one of the 20th century’s greatest examples of “The American Dream.” He was a poor Austrian immigrant who has been a great bodybuilder, entrepreneur, actor, politician, and investor.

If you have difficulty finding the willpower to pursue your dreams, give a listen to Arnold Schwarzenegger.

3. Brene Brown

If you are feeling insecure about yourself, Brene Brown will help you find your inner strength. She’s a psychologist and has expertise in understanding a variety of emotions. These include shame, vulnerability, and insecurity. She helps others find their inner courage.

She will help you come to terms with your imperfections. Through her speeches, you’ll learn how not to feel bogged down by your imperfections. She will show you how to find courage in even the darkest of times.

With the challenges of 2020, we are all feeling a sense of insecurity we never had before.

Mental health challenges will continue into the new year.

If you have felt overwhelmed with 2020 and are fearful of how to tackle 2021, you will find comfort through Brene Brown’s speeches.

Listen to These Motivational Speakers

Take time out of each day to listen to these 3 great motivational speakers. By listening to their speeches, interview, and reading their writings you’ll feel a great sense of empowerment.

You’ll find a way to get through the obstacles of 2020 and will find tremendous success in 2021.

If you’re looking for continued improvement, we would also like to help you. Check out the services we offer and let’s get in touch!

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