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Add These 10 Exercises To Your Morning Routine To Stay Motivated

Research discovered participants who exercised before work found a 72% improvement in time management.

This shows how important a good morning routine is. If you’re excited to exercise but aren’t sure where to begin, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are the 10 most effective exercises.

1. Plank

A fantastic exercise for an energy boost is the plank. Get into a pushup position and sink your weight onto your forearms, elbows, and toes. 

Keep your arms beneath your shoulders and make sure your body is in a straight line.

2. Sit-Ups

One of the best morning exercises is sit-ups. Bend your knees and keep the balls of your feet on the ground. Place your hands behind your head and lift your head, then your shoulders.

Keep your feet flat then lift yourself from the floor until you reach a 90-degree angle.

3. Jumping Jacks 

There’s no better good morning exercise than jumping jacks. 

Start with your feet together and jump while spreading your arms and legs. Repeat for a minute, gradually building up to an amount you’re comfortable with.  

4. Lunges 

You should add lunges to your morning exercise routine.

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and place your hands on your hips. Step forward with your left leg and drop your hips. Sink until your back knee almost touches the ground and stay upright. 

Push your left heel into the floor and extend both knees so you’re back in position. Repeat with your opposite leg.

5. Bicep Curls 

If you’re interested in exercises for energy, consider sitting bicep curls. Grab dumbbells and sit forward so your triceps lean onto your thigh. Curl your weighted arm up to shoulder length and down again.

6. Leg Squats

Keep your feet further out from your hips and put your arms in front of you. Lower yourself to a 90-degree angle then return to starting position. 

7. Single-Leg Glute Bridge 

Lie faceup with bent knees and extend your right leg. Then lift your hips off the floor and lower yourself. Now, repeat.

8. Pilates Roll-Up

Lie supine and keep your arms on the floor, above your head then curl yourself up off the floor. 

Fold your legs and create a U-shape with your body. Then lower yourself back onto the mat.

9. Double Leg Lift 

Lie faceup and extend your legs so you’re in a 90-degrees angle. Keep your hands at the side and lower your legs. Return to the starting position.

10. Reverse Oblique Crunch 

Extend your legs and keep your hands behind you. Then lean back and lift your legs. Next, shift your weight onto your right hip and twist your body. Bring your knees towards you then extend.

Those Are the Best Exercises For Your Morning Routine

Now you know the best morning exercises for your morning routine.

Get your blood pumping with squats, bicep curls, or the plank. Remember to alternate every morning and increase the reps so you’re pushing yourself. Enjoy!

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