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How to Organize Your Life and Keep It That Way

How much are you losing out on by being unorganized? Not having your life together can cost you a lot.

Even something as simple as where you put your keys can eat up six minutes of your day. There’s probably a lot of potentially productive minutes draining out of your day that you could be doing more with.

Knowing how to organize your life is one of the best kept secrets of success. Keep reading to learn how to get your world in order — and keep it that way.

Give Things a Home

Let’s tackle your lost keys problem first. This one has a simple solution: give things a home.

Always looking for your keys, the remote, your wallet, whatever? Put it in the same place every day.

Write It Down

Ever make a mental note of something only to have it go blank when you need it the most? Make a backup reminder and write everything down.

Have an app on your phone ready to go for notes. Get a calendar and organize it so that you can see today’s tasks and tomorrow’s.

Manage Your Money

Organizing your life can reduce stress and help you sleep easy at night. Nowhere is that more true than with money.

Don’t panic about declined cards or bills coming due. Be serious about money management and make a spreadsheet with everything coming in and going out.

Declutter for Good

Tackle all of the junk that’s been piling up in your home, under your bed, and in your closets. Get rid of anything that’s broken, doesn’t fit, or that you haven’t used for more than a year.

Once you’re clutter-free, keep it that way. Don’t be tempted by sales and take inventory regularly.

Set Yourself Up for Success

Ever notice on cooking shows how they always have everything pre-measured out and ready to go? Take that concept and apply it to your life.

Setting stuff up ahead of time makes it easier on you and cuts down on last minute panic attacks. It can be something like laying out your clothes beforehand or backing up a big presentation in case you can’t access one version of the file.

Make Life Worth Living

If you need a little more motivation to stay on track, make things fun for yourself. There’s no shame in using fun gel pens in your calendar or having colorful office supplies that make you smile.

Being organized isn’t all about setting schedules, purging objects, and keeping track of every little thing. An organized life leaves you more time to enjoy living.

How to Organize Your Life — the Right Way

These are just a few tips and tricks to get started. Once you streamline your life, you’ll see your productivity skyrocket.

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