What to Cook in November: Thanksgivingspiration

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What to Cook in November: Thanksgivingspiration

I’m all about turkey, all the time, hence the Thanksgivingspiration. What’s Thanksgivingspiration you ask? The inspiration to live the spirit of Thanksgiving all month long. Here are my top turkey picks for the month of November. Don’t wait until Thanksgiving to eat turkey. You can eat it all the time! I love making a whole turkey because hello leftovers, but sometimes I just like the flavor of turkey. It’s becoming more and more popular as a meat and the best thing about that is that there is more than just whole turkey at the grocery store. You can get legs, or breast, or wings, and I’m really digging ground turkey too. Even if you aren’t turkey fans, I’m hoping this list inspires you!

The first time I had boxed mac and cheese, it was at a friend’s house. We were starving after an intense afternoon of playing with our My Little Ponies and her mom made us some pasta out of a bright blue box. I was hooked! What were these magical tube-y noodle covered in orange sauce!? They were so good and made such a big impression on me that I went home and told my mom about it immediately. I begged her to go to the grocery store so we could buy our own boxes.

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